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Marcum Litigation

Civil Action No. 15 Civ. 01938 (DAB)

Instructions for submitting transaction data electronically:

Step 1 Download the instructions and file layout HERE.  Save it as an excel spreadsheet.
Step 2 Complete the tab marked "E-Filer Information" completely.
Step 3  Complete the tab marked "Your Filing Information" completely.  Review the "File Field Descriptions" tab and the Case Information for detailed information about how to complete this spreadsheet.
Step 4  Fill out the Proof of Claim entirely and attach a list of Beneficial Owners on whose behalf you are filing. (These documents can be provided in PDF format). 
Step 5 Prepare documents that demonstrate that you have authority to file on behalf of your clients, and disclose the source of the transactional data contained in the Excel file(s) you are submitting (e.g. "All data was extracted directly from the beneficial owner's proprietary database", or a similar declaration).  (These documents can be provided in PDF format).
Step 6 Follow all instructions in the Notice Packet. Note that all claims must be accompanied by a Release and Proof of Claim signed by the Beneficial Owner or Legal Representative of such Owner.
Step 7 Submit all documents to Angeion Group using one of the following methods:

Deliver the documents in electronic form on CD or DVD to:
Angeion Group
In re Fuqi International, Inc. Securities Litigation - Marcum Litigation
1801 Market Street, Suite 660
Philadelphia, PA 19103

E-mail your documents to:

Contact us at 215-563-4116 or via email at to obtain a password to our secured mail site.

Only a completed Excel worksheet using this format will be accepted for transactional data files. PDF files are ONLY accepted for Proof of Claim forms and accompanying Documents (such as proof of authority to file, declaration of data source, cover letter, etc.), NOT for transactional data. Check your file carefully before submission. Incomplete or incorrectly submitted files may be rejected.